Outdoor SMD LED display VS DIP LED display

Did you know there are two types of outdoor LED display ? Dual In-Line Package (DIP) and Surface Mounted Diodes (SMD).Clients are now tend to believe that we are selling SMD only and believe that SMD is better than DIP, but actually it’s all dependent on product application. And we sell both outdoor SMD and DIP LED display. Let us check our most popular used DIP LED display :OD10E P10 outdoor DIP LED display. It delivers brilliant and durable content in any outdoor tough environment. It is endurable with the most mature DIP technology for years. Moreover, it is super energy saving which help reduce a lot of electricity.  Ok, let us check what would be the difference between outdoor SMD LED display and Dip LED display.

First of all, what is a LED ?

 light emitting diode (LED) is a tiny, electronic semiconductor that converts electric energy into visible light. The chemical compound used within an LED determines its color, brightness and power efficiency.Unlike incandescent lamps, LEDs have no filaments that can burn out or fail. 

For LED display, we can divide by the LED type :

DIP LED display

SMD LED display

COB LED display(future display technology, mini LED, micro LED)

Let us talk about outdoor SMD and DIP LED display. (It won’t make sense to compare indoor SMD with outdoor DIP)

What is DIP LED?

DIP (Direct In-line Package)

This module is put together by using three bubble shaped color LED bulbs that are joined with two connector feet. Sockets or through-hole soldering is used to mount these DIP modules. With sockets, replacing the device is very simple and also there is no risk of damage caused by overheating (which occurs during soldering).After the assembling of DIP outdoor modules is done, heat-dissipating silicone is used to weather proof each module.

HXTECH DIP LED display screen
  • What is SMD LED?

SMD (Surface Mounted Diode)

In an SMD module, the three colors of LED bulbs are encapsulated into one slim case which is directly soldered onto a circuit. Because these diodes are mounted onto only one surface on the board, they are small and can be placed closer together. Closer placement results in a higher resolution and this is why SMD modules are more popularly used in indoor solutions. These modules can be made to as small as 0.6mm in size.

HXTECH SMD LED display screen
  • Pros & cons between DIP and outdoor SMD

DIP LED display pros

This is the original LED technology since the early 1960’s, DIP outdoor LED display has been used for years. It is a time-testing most mature technology for outdoor LED display. Reliable and endurable quality make it suits for some tough environment.

DIP screens are made up of independent red, green and blue LED bulbs that are joined with two connector feet. This design will offer a very good heat dispatch.

DIP is great for applications where there’s vast amounts of direct sunlight and don’t reflect external light.

Super energy saving than SMD. 

DIP LED display cons

Because the bulbs are attached individually, DIP displays tend to be thicker and heavier. 

Pixel pitch minimum : 10mm. It can not be lower due to the space issues.

DIP screens are made up of independent red, green and blue LED bulbs so the color uniformity is not better than SMD screen.

DIP LEDs supplier offer a high-end lamps which makes it higher cost now than SMDs screen.  

Outdoor SMD LED display pros

Being directly on the board allows manufacturers to place the LEDs closer together, which results in higher resolution, as well as a thinner, lighter.

SMD screens mean each LED has three chips inside to produce the colors and and delivery a better uniformity.

SMD LEDs also tend to provide better viewing angles.  which is 140°v  by 140°h while DIP 140°/70°(or 120°/60°)

Outdoor SMD LED display cons

Less brightness than DIP screens.

More heat dispatch with higher power consumption.

Many SMD LED lamp factory in the market offer different quality level product which makes outdoor SMD very big difference in price.

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