What is the difference between front SMD transparent LED display and side SMD transparent LED display ?

LED transparent screens are having more and more broad market application prospects, automobile 4S stores, mobile phone stores, jewelry stores, brand clothing stores, sports brand stores, catering brand chain stores, brand convenience chain stores, as well as various exhibitions, stage beauty Performing arts, etc., in a large number of application scenarios, LED transparent screens appear thin, transparent, and stylish.

Transparent screens are currently mainly divided into two categories: front SMD and side SMD .

Front SMD transparent LED display. It adopts conventional packaged lamp beads on the market, which is the most popular solution in the market. 


Side SMD transparent LED display. using side-emitting lamp beads tailored specifically for transparent screens, is a solution adopted by a few companies. It is characterized by high permeability, few spans of the structure and good aesthetics.


The key pros and cons of these two kind of transparent LED display.

1. The transparent rate:

Due to the different positions of the lamp beads, the thickness of the PCB of the front SMD transparent screen must be greater than the size of the lamp beads, while the position and space of the side SMD lamp beads are less restricted. Because the PCB itself blocks the light, the transparent rate  of the side SMD transparent screen is better than  the front SMD one. This is the most obvious advantage of side-emitting transparent screens.

As shown in the figure, the transmittance comparison of two transparent screens with the same pixel pitch(for reference only):


2. The appearance comparison:

In order not to block the light, the driver IC of the front SMD transparent screen can only be installed on both sides of the light bar. The side SMD transparent screen does not have this limitation, and the driver IC can be hidden behind the lamp beads. Therefore, the number of lamp beads controlled by the front SMD display strip driver IC is limited, which results in the limited length of the display strip. The entire structure of the front SMD transparent screen is lattice-shaped. The single light bar of the side SMD transparent screen can be made longer.

3. The comparison of driver IC usage:

The placement of the driver IC of the front SMD transparent screen is limited, so it is often necessary to set a higher number of scanning lines, mostly 16 scans and above. The side SMD transparent screen driver IC is not limited first, and the number of scanning lines can be set lower.

The number of scanning lines of the display screen is low, the display screen can work under low current, and the refresh rate and gray level can be better.

4. Comparison of anti-collision capabilities:

Because of the different installation positions of the lamp beads, the impact resistance of the two screens is also different. Under the impact of external force, the front SMD lamp beads will directly receive the impact of the external force, while the side SMD lamp beads will not receive direct force.

5. View angle.

Due to the LED location, side LEDs will be SMT on under or below the LED strip, the PCB will block some view angle in vertical.

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