Shenzhen released another smart light pole group standard and officially implemented it on April 15

On April 14, the nation’s first multi-functional smart rod (smart rod) group standard “Smart Rod Construction Specification” (T / SPIA 001-2020) was released in Shenzhen, becoming the pioneering feature of “Shenzhen Standard” and “Shenzhen Experience” Officially implemented on April 15, 2020.

With the implementation of the multi-function smart pole (smart pole) project, the construction and construction of the smart pole is a rapid response to innovation and market demand for standards, and vigorously develops market-led group standards. Important strategic significance.

It is understood that this standard was jointly compiled by more than 20 units such as Shenzhen Intellectual Property Association, China Construction Lighting Co., Ltd., ZTE Corporation, China Communications Construction First Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Lianhe Wisdom Technology Co., Ltd.

2020 is the “standard landing year” and “construction year” of multi-function smart poles (smart poles), in order to implement the “Shenzhen New Smart City Construction Overall Plan (2018-2020)” (Shenfu (2018) No. 47) , “Shenzhen Multi-functional Smart Pole Construction and Development Action Plan (2018-2020)” (Shenfu Office [2018] No. 10), “Shenzhen’s First Initiative to Realize Full Coverage of 5G Infrastructure and Promote the High-Quality Development of the 5G Industry” The “Measures Notice” (Shenfu [2019] No. 52) and other documents, under the correct leadership of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and supported by the deployment guidance of the Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau and various relevant functional departments, Shenzhen 2018-2019 The work of the city’s multi-functional smart rods has been advancing rapidly, and its influence is at the forefront of the country. It has achieved the five leading positions of “first to release standards, first to build pilots, first to form industry associations, first to form expert committees, and first to initiate solicitation contests.”

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